Calculator Lock



Calculator Lock – Hide Photos

Calculator App let you hide your private photos into the locker encrypted and you can link your Google account to store your private encrypted files from the locker to the Google Drive Cloud.

You can sync your files to the cloud and after that you can use any other phone and your google account to sync back all the files to the new phone in the new locker. Files can be real time update on both phones.

This app use Google OAuth API to allow you sign in to your Google Account. Which will display as “Calculator wants to access your Google Account”. It also use SCOPE to See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app to sync up with your locker content locally available in your phone.

This app does not modify any of your other content in your drive. It just use app specific directory to store & manage only locker encrypted files.

Here’s our Privacy Policy that you can check out!

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